About Betty’s Place

IMG_3305.-Beatriz Nixon

Beatriz Nixon has owned and operated Betty’s Place for over 25 years. With love and a dedication to creating a unique experience for each customer, you can expect progressive styles and professional service.

Beatriz has certification from the State of Florida and Health Department to provide quality permanent makeup applications. With training experience in New York and Florida, Beatriz is qualified to bring out your beauty with our artistry and up-to-date techniques.

We are bilingual!

Whether clients are seeking permanent makeup or corrective procedures, we believe that attention to detail, thorough explanations of the cosmetic processes, and making client safety and satisfaction a top priority, are the keys to a successful outcome. We utilize pain-free methods and the newest technology available to have you in and out within 2 hours.

Many people ask WHY I love permanent make-up. I believe that every woman is beautiful and permanent make-up allows for their natural beauty to come out!

Every woman desires a chance to feel and look beautiful and I want to provide that opportunity for mature and middle-aged women to find their beauty, bring out their youthfulness, and maintain their expression.